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  Wei dong, safe(Ark)Co., LTD., founded in chenzhou office2005Years,Is a wholesale and retail all kinds of safes and steel enterprise security products,The main wei dong, safe(Ark),The company is located in China's hunan province chenzhou beihu youth avenue13-21Number。Wei dong, safe(Ark)Always adhere to the people-oriented co., LTD., chenzhou office,Pursues the customer is one of the important resources to create wealth,The company around“Customer first,The good faith is supreme,Passion sincerely,Be careful”The aim of the,With a number of enterprises established long-term relations of cooperation。Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit、Inspection、Business negotiations。 ----Wei dong's brand: From2Ten thousand yuan when starting to now...To check the details>>
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Address:Chenzhou city youth avenue13-21Number(People's hospital of south across the courtyard) The phone:0735-2829996 A mobile phone:13875505685 13873568111 Contacts:Wu Army Technical support:Set up the network