Kelon vocational training base - Chongqing kelon car beauty school
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Chongqing downward Chen Jiaping convention and exhibition center50M longjing bay flyover
139 83121961
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Chongqing kelon car beauty school: Chongqing municipality jiulongpo district kelon vocational training schools,Is the chongqing Kowloon slope area people club bureau approved the establishment of the practical professional car skill beauty training school,Main training programs:Car modification training、Car decoration training、Car hairdressing training、Metalworkers training、Social practical car hairdressing technology such as car painting training。In our school17Years' experience,Train car hairdressing students nearly2All names,Won a job placement advanced unit in chongqing,Excellent vocational training school in chongqing…Click to view details>>

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  • Superfine teacher:The teacher

  • Superfine teacher:Teacher liu

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  • 2011Star of employment:He was

    2011Years,I walked into the kelon car beauty training school。I here is like entering a new heaven and earth,Contact the totally strange things to me,I never thought of skills.After came to kelon world,Look at the teacher's demonstration,I for automotive beauty...   In more detail

  • Venture star:Mr Zhang

    Thoroughly remould oneself,The spread of happiness...The old saying words without a heart:“To do a good job,Must first sharpen his device,Emphasized the importance of is a tool or way。In modern society,Competition is increasingly fierce,The more big cities such as increasingly intense,All the more so cities grew so big cities with more efforts ...   In more detail

  • Venture star:Cyndi

    After the study,I worked as an intern to the store for two months,Go back to school teacher, please help me to guide open a shop,School sent liu for my personal guidance,I now in their hometown of fengjie county opened a professional car beauty shop,Now business is very good,Profits at least a month3All the above,Thank you for the teacher...   In more detail

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Welcome all unit of choose and employ persons to selection of all kinds of professional and technical personnel in our school   Job placement head:Teacher liu The phone:13996057808