Good day chemical technology co., LTDIs one specialized is engaged in the dyestuff and electronic chemicals development of high and new technology enterprises。Company is mainly engaged in small complex molecular skeleton,The custom synthesis of intermediates,Work in the research and development with independent innovation,At the same time also to improve the production technology for manufacturing enterprises。The company is committed to synthesis high technical barriers、Is difficult、The research and development of high value-added of intermediates。
  At present, the company is equipped with a variety of research and development with laboratory equipment,Can undertake at the same time for the development of dozens of varieties;The company has in organic chemistry、Pharmaceutical chemistry、Chemical engineering disciplines have higher attainments of Dr、Master of synthesis of r&d engineers,In the chemical synthesis development、Qualitative analysis of products、Pilot has its own unique optimal...
Hydrolysis of ink pigment
A phenolphthalein
Dimethyl phenolphthalein
Dye intermediates
16,17-Dihydroxy anthrone purple
16,17-Two anthrone purple decyl oxygen radicals
Functional chemicals
Trifluoroacetic acid zinc
Two indene and)
Trans chalcone ketones
Synthetic design solution
Synthetic route development
Product process optimization
The custom synthesis product
  2014Years1Month6Solstice8Day,The United StatesSorbent TherapeuticsCompany to company for a line of five people share...
2013Years10Month,The company's new r&d center put into use,Customers in the United StatesScott M.Wheelwright To the company...
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