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Anpingxian poly mesh manufacturing co., LTD professional manufacturer of slope fence,Production of ring network,Active slope fence,Passive slope fence,Steel bar welded mesh,The mountain slope protection network,snsFlexible fence,Take the initiative to defend the net,Passive fence。Fence of slope engineering,Slope fence manufacturers,High quality and low price!

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Address:Anpingxian can urin coverage to the south100Meters
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On the basis of high quality,To develop the variety products,Increase the profit of the products;

Adhere to science and technology production standard,Adherence to standards of independent research and development;

Special specifications,Special requirements can be carefully customized for you;

Our production is not only a product,Is the industry standard!

From raw materials procurement to production process and product packaging,The layers of optimization,

Ensure the quality at the same time,Costs to acme;

Advanced production testing equipment、The production of standard、Strict quality management;

Has professional scale、Larger production capacity of the production line!

From raw material to finished product one-stop service,Reduces the production cost,100%Guarantee the quality;

Select material carefully,Strictly controlled,Production of exquisite workmanship,Product excellence;

Produce products with your heart,Your satisfaction is our commitment

Perfect pre-sale、After-sales service,Let you have no trouble back at home


Pragmatic,Improve the management;Improve the quality,Benefit of regulations


24Hours after sales customer service will deal with you encounter problems at any time to let you worry-free after-sales;

Successful cases

Successful cases

Successful cases

Successful cases

Successful cases

Anpingxian poly mesh manufacturing co., LTD is located in the famous“Silk screen of the township”Hebei anping,My company mainly produces slope fence,snsFlexible fence,Take the initiative to defend the net(GAR1Active defend the net,GAR2Active defend the net,GPS1Active defend the net,GPS2Active defend the net),Passive fence(RX--025Type of passive fence,RX-050Type of passive fence,RX075Type of fence),Ring network(RXI-100Ring network,RXI-150Ring network,RXI-200Ring network),The noose net/A spider's web,Titanium grams net,Brooke,Rockfall fence etc series products。
Our company warmly welcome the new and old friends from all walks of life at home and abroad calls,Business negotiations,And always welcome to inquiry to patronize。Wish to cooperate with you,Create a brilliant tomorrow。

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